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Good luck ladies!

I can't wait!

I am extremely excited about this years addition of the Dancing Divas. The ladies killed this routine. Hate em or love em, these ladies are here to stay. ~Godspeed~

I think we're boycotting. lol.
Just a note though, I am really appreciating the AAMU MMW Media Team's video productions. To me, they are worth the wait. Loving the drone footage especially (except for when the Divas are performing... unless it's intentional to limit free viewing or something:-)
Keep up the good work!!

Thank you! More to come from the AAMU MMW Media Team! 

The Divas looked awesome!

And again the second week also.
Y'all, Hampton U.'s Ebony Fire tried it on "Shapes of You." You can check them out on YouTube. They had a lot of fantastic moves, .... *smile*

#SlayMera has these girls TOGETHER!!! I am loving the 2017 Edition of the Divas!

Loved it. They changed a little of the formations at the end and still killed it! Love the uniforms

Loving this year's squad, two great performances in a row

I was wondering if they'd bring those uniforms back out.


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