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Good question! Not sure yet! 

Somebody help me with this:

    I'm trying to pin down the Divas' dance style formula compared to some very popular HBU dance auxiliaries.  Although they are very technical and well choreographed, they don't come across as a dance theatre or concert dance type troup like maybe Orchesis and Golden Delight.  They definitely aren't as up north as the Dolls, but still entertaining and classy.  They are not Mississippi buck (although just a bit every now and then, lol), but a touch less edgy and a bit more fluid than the Stingettes.  

For instance, I look at the Divas' season opener "Shape of You" and the Magic City Classic performance of "Under Pressure" and I don't really see a comparison out there.

What am I saying?  What's the right descriptor?  

They attend UDA camp and competitions year in and out and also compete in them, often placing.  I think their style partially comes from the UDA style mixed with a HBCU flare.  I don't think there's any comparison on the field for the ladies.  I feel this year, all swac squads have their own style on the field.  It is a style of lyrical, ballet, jazz and hip hop fused into one.



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