2017-2018 Legendary Prancing J-Settes Spring Auditions

The Prancing J-Settes will have auditions April 21-23rd, 2017. Please check the website back for more information. Please make sure you Sign Up for the J-Sette Auditions with the available link below. Please be reminded that April 1ST, 2017 is the deadline for Registration. Please see the Items Needed section below. The Registration is at 4:00 P.M. in the Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center. Interviews will begin promptly at 5:00 P.M.


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LOL...But Chloe played smart this time, she know some ish is going to go down throughout the season, so when it does, she wont be stuck with 4-8 J-settes.

Christopher said:

No they won't lol.  Watch Chloe pull a stunt and create a flag line and put the girls who don't make cuts for the stands ad field on the flag line.

DemiGod said:

They gonna need 4 rows in the stands this year lmao!

Alright this thread has gotten lengthy and since Ray has already open a new one let's all migrate. :)


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