Since we know what squads will be present at this years Honda Battle of the bands. Which squads will bring the dome down?

Here are the 2017 Honda squads

1. 14k
2. GD
3. Alcorn GGs
4. Motion
5. Stingettes
6. Scarlet Lace
7. Sweet Sensation
8. Divas

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All that is true. You can tell in these blogs.

Christopher said:

I feel the same way about Alabama State.  Rarely does anyone talk about their band, but instead they speak of the Stingettes and Honey Bees.  

xavier said:

My biggest issue with GD is not the unit its with the BAND.. IDK maybe because I am a bandhead first, but like the late Doc said about the Dolls, they are the icing on the Cake.. NCAT band this year was lackluster at best.. AND maybe its me, but its not a good look for a band program to have your auxiliary dance unit getting more attention then your band program. From the Queen City Botb thur the season its been about GB..

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