This is for your opinion only just for fun during off season

My picks:

1. SU Fabulous Dancing Dolls-always my #1

2. GSU Orchesis-everyone sleeps on them only if Jalin came behind Jamie they’d be a bigger 

                         force this past season

3. ASU Stingettes-something about the sting draws you in and hold your attention 

4. AAMU Divas-they have come into their own and technique on point very clean

5. ASU Golden Girls-very entertaining and clean crowd pleasers

6. JSU J-Settes-always a force but I need a big change I need something new fresh 

7. TxSU Motion-with Jermani over them I’m expecting this program to continue to greatness 

8. PVAMU Black Foxes-same as the divas just need to cut those numbers down too many on the 

                                 field but great program

9. MVSU Satin Dolls-needs more branding I feel like they are forgotten about a lot

10. UAPB Golden Girls-same as Satin Dolls last time I remember a breakout was with Wilisha in

                                  in 2008

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Txsu motion-- things have really changed for the better

su dancing dolls-better with off season than regular season. Jordan is going to make a great captain.

pv black foxes-too many girls, but the black foxes have came along way. They are very talented

j-settes- hopefully next year will be better

I dont pay attenttion to any other dancelines lol

my word of advice for all hbcu dancelines is to take basic ballet/jazz dance classes during off season and regular season and everything will fall in place.

Dolls were better off season than the regular season? I'm confused. 

it makes sense I was impressed with their off season performances!

LOL. Thanks funny. 

If we wanted to see that we would go to a white school’s performance!

I definitely agree with your statements about the UAPB Golden girls. They were so polished that year, the styling was great, creative choreography and everything. I wish they'd go back to that.

I also think a lot of these squads just needs the same media coverage as the dolls. The dolls are the only squad that's consistently gone viral and that's largely due to their vast media coverage. There's a lot of talent in the SWAC and these squads put in a lot of hard work so it'd be nice to see that hard work displayed on larger platforms.

All tied for 1st are the Dolls, Divas and Foxes.

4. Alcorn Golden Girls and TxSU motion

6. J-settes, GSU orchesis, and Sting are tied here.  The orchesis have improved and I hope the sting can find a little more consistency on the field next year (field wasn't bad but a few members struggled with some technical elements)

9.MVSU they've improved but are not seen.

10.  UAPB they fallen off.  Hopefully they'll come back up.


motions ARE HAVING UPCOMING AUDITIONS! I think they are the most improved 

Anyone know who made motion? the new line hasnt been announced to the public yet!





spill the tea, lol!!

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