Well since parade season is over next thing up is doll tryouts. I personally hope we don’t have a top 15 situation again,it caused a lot of drama. I expect one of the young ladies from the Final 15 to make it though

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how does the format go for the dancing doll auditions go someone please explain? And the top 15 finalists was pointless!

My hopes are that Amber from Gold N Blues tries out again and makes it...I'm also interested to see if Jordyn ( that made the team last year but quit) will try out again or did she leave the band staff with a bad taste in their mouth....Taylor can also go to me...there isn' anything exciting about her

I feel like Amber and that tall light skin GNB have a good chance of making it. Jordyn.. i feel as if she will tryout again but they won’t pick her. If she quit once she can quit again

Taylor AND Gabby can both go, if you ask me. 

I think Gabby and Taylor probed this year that they belong on the squad. Gabby has her own personal flair and barely misses a beat. Taylor went a whole season with an injury and still served. Not all Dolls need to be standouts.
Exactly. Gabby contributed some of the counts and has this swag that I really fell in love with this season


I love the team as they stand. Add two more girls, and I'm good for next season. I want all of the girls to return. 2017 was one of the best and strongest lines in a while. 

If THE SQUAD IS going BACK to eleven THEN we need 3 NEW CRABS !!!

The top 15 idea is good in theory, but was pointless since they didn't/couldn't pull from that group of final cuts to replace Jordyn when she quit.

I imagine they're gonna stick with their default # of 11, but I'll always maintain that 10 is the better number.

And yes, I agree with others that Taylor is the main vet that can go, IMO. The work that she's put into improving is noted, but even then...ehh. Also, while I Gabby has great moments, I really wouldn't feel a way if she got cut, either (especially if the Dolls decide to make this the year that they really beef up the field work...unless she's been putting in some serious work off-season, Gabby is absolutely gonna be the weak link). 

And I just hope they go with whatever methodology they went with in 2017 for picking the crabs. Great dancers/performers, with a solid foundation to build on.

i want the technique to improve next season!

I hope all nine dolls come back this coming season, making room for two. In comparison to Jada, Jordyn, and a few others last year, I haven't heard of or noticed a particular young lady fans are rooting for to tryout this season. 

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