Well since parade season is over next thing up is doll tryouts. I personally hope we don’t have a top 15 situation again,it caused a lot of drama. I expect one of the young ladies from the Final 15 to make it though

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I hear whispers of the two young ladies from DD4L trying out (Camryn and Faith), but thats about it. It will be interesting to see how that pans out. I could see Faith being picked over Camryn but who knows..

I think because they are affiliated with that tv show their chances of making the team are pretty slim...I don't think Hamer wants anything that will overshadow the brand of the band and dolls as a whole....not to mention when that girl from Miami didn' make it there was alot of chaos surrounding that as well and I believe it left a bad taste in his mouth

I HOPE THAT their is some kind OF clause or agreement that Mr Haymer can COME up WITH to give Camyn & Faith a REAL chance TO MAKE THE brand broader !!!! Mr Haymer JUST wouldn't totally negate what these young ladies might BRING to the table !!! THIS could be THE pieces THAT is needed FOR an BETTER FIELD SHOW that THE SAME people who ARE always complaining ABOUT....we are a college THAT always WANT THE BEST and brightest students !!! I'm I RIGHT ??? THEN give THEM a valid chance like everyone....they COME from a tried & tested legit program THAT is STAMPED & CERTIFIED cause Miss D DON'T PLAY....THE BOTTOM LINE PERIOD .These girl's recognize a QUALITY Program SUCH as THE FOREVER DOLLS AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN


I agree with you Honrae, Camryn can dance her ass off but to me she doesn't have the doll look even in full glam...just my 2 cents....out of the 2 Faith would have a better chance...no shade

Cam looks BETTER than that other GIRL that I felt should HAVE NEVER MADE it as a DOLL BUT was put ON as a alternate @!!!

Now, Honrae...I just KNOW this is not shade at one of my '16 favorites who has more than proved herself and become a field standout. Let us not do this...

I really hope Jordyn left on good terms because I still am grieving the fact that I never saw her grace the stands or field as a Doll! And especially now with this short cut, she is still definitely one to watch. Fricking gorgeous girl and flawless dancer. There are a few girls at SU now that I suspect will be in tryouts and are amazing dancers. And they aren't even GnB dancers. I'm not sure about the incoming freshman talent pool tho. I'm already pulling for Brianni(McK) in '19 tho!

I'd like to see all the girls return with maybe 2 newbies. Hope all is well with Kaylon.

No Heart, it's NOT shade, I JUST speak MY TRUTH !!!

I agree want to see more technique  and creativity with the field work...I would love a new give it to me baby , system of survival  routines


So...why was the '16 girl put on to make an 11-girl team? Did they have 10 before she was added or did some1 quit? I'm confused as to what happened that year?

Jacqeline York (spelling) (15 Crab) originally made the squad for 2016-2017 but she quit before the season started and was replaced by Micah

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