Well since parade season is over next thing up is doll tryouts. I personally hope we don’t have a top 15 situation again,it caused a lot of drama. I expect one of the young ladies from the Final 15 to make it though

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Yep. Alpha Tau gonna run it! 

All I can say now is that I sincerely hope & pray all the dolls return next year and this just propels them into an amazing season next year showing everyone that they are still proudly dolls. Can't take their talent away from them and it definitely should not have been held against them when it came to Greek life. I had no idea the fall out would even be allowed to go this far. But I'll leave that off of Bandhead. Best wishes to the girls next season and keep your heads up, ladies!

It was an even 50 and something didn't work out for one girl. And she wasn' a Doll. From what i understand, it was not entirely up to the members (16 Beta Psi line) on who would get selected. It was the grad advisors and most of the girls that got picked have GPA above 3.0

Oh trust me..the dolls who went out have GPA's well over 3.0.

Absolutely. But I'm going to ride with Alum's post because I don't like the other stories.  LOL! It sounds better up until the GPA portion. Can't knock them there either. 

I don’t like to comment when it comes to the girls and Greek life, but when I saw no Dolls on line I was SHOOK. You can’t tell me not ONE of those girls were qualified. Politics must’ve ran rampant this go round. Really sad because although I’m happy for Jordan and Taneria, I was really looking forward to who was gonna cross AKA. Hopefully this doesn’t cause too much drama in the room. Also, i have a question. Didn’t DT fail to make line while she was still in school?

i made a whole thread about it, but somehow it got mysteriously deleted.

Anyone see that D’tara is auditioning for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders? She’s one of the 55 finalists. 


I've been wondering if any Dolls (current or forever) danced/participated in Beychella. Given the central theme of most of the performance, seems like a given that at least a couple of them would've been involved.

deserved a new thread. 

i voted for d'tara, she will make a perfect nfl cheerleader. She has great nfl cheerleader form and look!

I agree. I would be suprised if she didn' make it.  I'm wondering how all of this is going to play out in the fall tho between SU games and NFL games although they are on Saturday and Sunday respectively. I don' see April going anywhere?!

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