Well since parade season is over next thing up is doll tryouts. I personally hope we don’t have a top 15 situation again,it caused a lot of drama. I expect one of the young ladies from the Final 15 to make it though

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I want Amber from GoldNBluez so bad...I feel like this will be her year

Do y’all think Ayanna is going to give another shot at Dolls this audition or is she good in GnB?

I think she will,from what i hear she is a fan favorite on campus & a lot of people are rooting for her to try out again 

Any pics OF those 2 YOUNG LADIES ???



She screams doll, and if Jordan gets captain, Amber will blend in with the line perfectly because that was her captain in high school

I like Amber's body. She gives me J-Sette body vibes like Niani, 

We definitely think alike! Camryn just isn’t a Doll. It has nothing to do with dance. It has to do with brand, style and yes appearance is apart of that, I’m not afraid to say. The Dolls have a certain image/type and while a pretty girl, she isn’t it. All the other points are spot on too. I wanted to make a separate post on it, but that DD4L Doll tribute was horrible! And if they were smart, knowing how Haymer is, any Doll hopeful would have bowed out and worked under the radar. Now your horrible form and lack of  style is forever out there for the world to see. It takes more than MAC makeup and weave to be a Doll. Some girls in those areas spend their lives trying to put on that glass slipper and never achieve it. I hate to say don’t try out, but find teams that you fit into and a school you like. I hate this everybody fits everything mentality these days. Driving way to many people crazy trying to do everything else and be everyone else but themselves and their niche. 

Oh wow... Some of y’all are just damn ruthless my goodness. This girl has already stated if she doesn’t make Dolls it won’t be the end of the world for her. She has always wanted to go to SU, and people are making it seem like she only wants to go to SU just to dance, Her mother even stated that Cam has always wanted to go there. Do I think she fits the doll look? no! Is she ugly? Absolutely not, some of y’all are just downright evil this is a CHILD at the end of the day! This girl can dance her ass off!! Like don’t down her just because she is on a show, and she doesn’t fit a certain type of standard that YOU think a doll should be, hell if you wanna be brutally honest the dolls haven’t looked up to par since DOC left GOD rest his soul! And to be quite honest she could honestly dance circles around all the girls just being honest. Does she need molding to become a Doll?of course!!but whose to say she isn’t doing that right now!! This girl has yet to say I know for a fact I have a spot on this team, she knows she is gonna have to audition just like the rest of em and she is aware that she probably will not make it. Cut some of these babies some slack, and with the talent pool of high school girls that I’ve seen that are auditioning hell half the team might be gone... Just saying.. Nobody spot on this team is solidified!! Who knows what can happen between here until July. 


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