Calling all my bandheads, danceheads, SWACheads, and MEACheads as well as others. I'm excited about this new 2018 band season and what's to come of it. New BD's, the new up and comers and the minor shade we have seen this offseason. Time to get it off our chest what are you looking forward too and hearing...... this is what I'm looking forward to below. Leggo! 

Let's post these vids/pics as we get em......

1) bands that are getting bigger (these big freshman classes we are seeing that are 100+) 

2) how new BD's and assistants will put there stamp on there programs

3) surprise programs and dance squads 

4) matchups and botb's that are attractive 

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I know! Lol , just saving myself for THE big dog's that matter to THE JUKEBOX ! #havefun

I don’t care what size they are as long as they have a quality sound and great field presentation. If they build from their sound last year then they’ll be fine.

Asu has been 200+ and it didn’t matter because they execution wasn’t up to standard. 

John Brown said:

But see you don't know who or what I know. I figured somebody here would be like, "yea I got that same verified info too". Guess not.  Either you Bama State or in the dark.  Sorry lol    

Fukkyofeelingz said:

Where are u gettin these numbers from... and don’t tell me u seen the screen shot from the ozzy show which was filmed during the spring..... that’s not the current band... but ya enjoy yours as well

I don’t care about someone questioning my participation, that’s why I didn’t address it.

Who lies about being apart of a band program? LoL

By the way, who did you march for? 

John Brown said:

Back to your statement though. You said, "ASU size always fluctuated from one season to the next......."; I disputed that statement as not true. If you marched as "Fukkyoffeelingz" questioned your participation; then you should know that Bama State maintained a nice size large band for a decade. So go 'head on with that BS lol  

Bandfan21 said:

16 Tbones, 15 Btones, 14 mellos, and 29 trumpets isn’t considered large to me.

Obviously, our perception of a large band differs. 

Fukkyofeelingz said: So this not considered a nice size band...? 

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