Let me just say I can't with Dr. O and and them with this video bawahahahaha but work out ladies!!

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       Am I the only one who thought the video would have been perfect if it began at ( 4:00), Amber passing the cape to the new captain or the Kelis beat drop, leaving out the shady script, bad acting, etc.? Couth! All we wanted was the reveal of the captain and the squad, hold the shade.

       Personally, like everyone else has stated the first half of the video was honestly and truly unnecessary. I didn’t want to read too much into the video but honestly, the shade is boldly visible.  The shade was unprofessional, unbecoming, and a contradiction to “being an example” that was stated in the video. Although, this personally didn’t surprise me coming from leadership who frequently engages in unprofessional twitter rants.

      Now the silver lining is we finally know who the captain is so perhaps this turmoil can finally settle. Yasmine appears to be young, fresh, talented and obviously beautiful. I think it’s only fair we give her a fair shot in her new position :)


Much blessings to the 2018-2019 year for the Sensational Stingettes!

Whew Lordt! "Brittle Hair" LMAO!


im so over bridgette and her brittle hair and olivia.

That video was so unprofessional. Yasmine deserves better 

Wowwwwww, that was so messed up! And these are GROWN people against one young lady? Chile... at this point Stingettes are below the bar for me because of them. They really do need to be replaced. 

I stopped watching last year, really wasn’t into the captain or the team as a whole. Yasmine is a good choice for captainI believe. Sad to see Jada off the team. I hope she continues dancing. I also hope these uniforms get a boost, JESUS! I voted for them in the Radiance contest, but I’m definitely glad AAMU got it, especially now with all the sponsor mess.

This video was awful!!!!!
This video was awful!!!!!

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