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Ok let's try again.....

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Sooo if you don't like the drama.. why are you inserting yourself in a convo that was directed towards someone else and has nothing even remotely to do with you? I've sat around and watched your toxicity clog up post after post. Not sure if its your personality, or just the way you present yourself. Either way its annoying as fuck. I've been on this site since 2006, and while robust conversations have always occurred (more often than not) you are the first person to make me say "what the hell happened to this site". You've really ratcheted the place up, congratulations. But maybe that's what you were trying to achieve. I can't get with these new age doll fans. It's a thin line between critique and out right criticism with no credentials. I think we all know which side you are on. Save your reply baby boy. I'm too grown and have too much going on to read it. Trust me, I'll scroll past. Stay blessed. 

Alicia Wax said:

They act like they don’t live for the drama, but they secretly do. For a minute I was actually believing maybe it was me who was pushing the drama on this site but nope, it’s them! I didn’t post on this site for like 4-5 days in a row last week and they was still arguing and then this morning they found someone else to argue with. That’s why I’m not biting my tongue no more on here, bc I see it’s not me, it’s them! 

Mehgan James said:

I see yall are still in here cutting up, LMAO. 


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