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Traci is always occupied with the MNW G-Girls and her own dance company during football season. She may have had other obligations at the FSU game as well. She did congratulate them shortly after tryouts this year though and if I’m not mistaken she did post them on her IG stories during MCC.

Goldie Black said:

I figure since they were dragging coaches may as well drag them all

Brittany said:

She also hasn't shown up to any of their games. I thought she would have at least shown up to the Florida St. game.

Goldie Black said:

Oh okay... still can’t correlate how the relevance of what a former Dolls post have to do with the TDC/Stingettes crossing, but since we are reaching they may as well go in on Traci Young Byron not posting anything regarding Janae or Zaria etc since we all over the place in this thread

Mehgan James said:

I didn’t bring Janae in it, the other individual did. 

Goldie Black said:

And how does Janae tie in with this? 

Mehgan James said:

I saw what was said in here last night and it was too much. Most of us posting about Dannie love her. Some felt like she was being shady and some of us didn’t. It wasn’t that deep to go in on another captain though. We said nothing malicious about the Queen Dannie. And she was mentioned because she was the coach of two current stingettes, so idk why people aren’t finding the correlation...

Molly said:

So can we just go head and delete this doll stuff off this thread...and keep it cute for everyone involved. at this point if you feel someway about something or have a opinion just message each other, that way there will be none of this mess that is mess about mess with some’s a mess 

You’re a messy ass moderator. 

Peachyp said:

Is it that deep? It’s their opinion leave God out of this.

BandJunkee said:

Talking about who? Which Forever Doll is messy? Which Forever Doll can’t dance after her Doll career? Come again? 

Keep Dannie’s name out your mouths! On that’s on God! I’ll tear this bitch up behind her! Let her cheer these girls on! 

And that’s that on that!!!

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