48 Hours Presents "The Whole Gritty City" Sat. Feb 15 8pm CST

http://www.cbsnews.com/48-hours-present ... itty-city/

Tonight at 9pm (less than an hour) on CBS

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Its all truth already

This is the truth!!
Rawlins keeps it real and politically correct lol

Great Documentary

That was excellent. I'm showing this to my students Tuesday. I'm even more impressed with those band directors in the New Orleans area and what they provide/teach their kids. Appreciate the email notification too Bandhead/Mr. Cousins.

It was phenomenal!!!!! An inspiration to all!

I only sent one of those notifications @ Mr. Clarence D. Brown  Via Richard Barber the director of the movie. 

That thing was Monumental.   There were so many things that i have constantly explained written here about N.O bands that folks never understood. now they see it. and it means alot to our bands. this was needed. it validates what it is All our bands do..and have done,

For Instance .. the guy who said "Kennedy was the best Band"  and the kids stated "well kennedy don't exist now".. <-- I attended Kennedy  so that was a proud moment for me!

otherwise EVERY new orleans band, even those who were not part of the documentary was represented in this film. I loved it

Man this was an amazing documentary.  It had everything.  Richard Barber has accurately told the experience of the New Orleans Band Community.

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