50th Anniversary of the Fabulous Dancing Dolls: The REVEAL

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I agree on that, it's crazy she look like a mix of both of them.

GAPeach said:

KP most definitely 

What's happening? said:

You think she got Asia eyes or KP?

GAPeach said:

It’s the eyes for me 

What's happening? said:

The top part of Arianna Face gives me KP, the bottom gives me Asia Martin. She has Asia smile. Am i the only one that see's that?

Your 2019-2020 Fabulous Dancing Dolls of Southern University Captain:

Micah Pegues

Its alphabetical order tho 

nsuking2005 said:

Whew...these crabs are STUNNING.

(Also, I've already made a guess on who this season's captain will be, based on the order they're announcing the women)

Whew Lawd! Just saw a vid of Ari doing doll counts on fb!!! BREATHTAKING! She has it! Crown her!!! Chills! 

If Micah is captain, that would be confusing. Not saying she wouldn’t be good just seem like why have Gabby and Jordan working with the crabs?

C'mon and Round it Out Micah!!

Who’s idea was it to do the little doll challenges towards the end of the season? I hope Akai keeps letting them do it. It was a nice addition. 

Did Lindsey or Ari do a trippin challenge? 

Still have hopes that Bri will be the secret 11th member. 

Post the vid Alicia & Ari did the challenge.

I wish I could post the vid, don’t know how. Here’s the link if you have fb:

nvm you have to be apart of the group. She looks so bomb though! Future captain! Lol She is sooooo beautiful.

dollfan101 said:

Post the vid Alicia & Ari did the challenge.

I know you not talking about Brianni lmao. Sis is all the way in Alabama with the stingettes from the video's I've seen

Alicia Wax said:

Still have hopes that Bri will be the secret 11th member. 


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