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Didn't A&M just get a new coach?  And they should've scheduled MVSU or UAPB for homecoming.

Yes, New coach. 

I also agree with selecting either two for Homecoming, however, that also depends on the SWAC commissioner. We've played Alcorn before for homecoming. 

Aamu has a very solid schedule..... my favorite games outside of the mcc is the games vs: miles, southern and jsu. Need those battles to be on point! 

You already know AAMU will be. 

Yea, the build up to this miles game is gone be crazy..... it' also gone be crazy build up for when the divas and dolls square off in mobile 


From the looks of this schedule we should be seeing footage every week except for their last game. 

I agree, but that travel to Houston for Texas southern would be long......  

They wouldnt go to TSU,...or UAPB.  JSU would be a maybe as well, since AAMU doesnt bring many fans to JSU at all.

We don't play TSU. Since TXsu came to us we should be going to them. We also still have PVAMU on the books the next time we play them. We faithfully travel to UAPB mutual back and fourth. So that doesn't make since. We actually do bring fans to JSU. JSU just doesn't show up to their own HOME Games. 

well TSU (Texas Southern) is who im talking about since it IS their initials, and its right there in their logo. lol. jus sayin

I am going to say that since JSU didn't come to A&M last season I doubt that A&M will travel to Jackson especially, if they will be traveling down to Houston that following week.

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