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That' another reason why I think aamu will go to jsu. Txsu is to far away, the jsu is an important game for the football team  (east opponent) and for the band for publicity, jsu is always a good atmosphere.....

TxSU smh

@bandheadbama is actually correct. Jsu isn't a big competition or rivalry as they once were except their first win after 2 or 3 years ago. Plus we owe TxSu a trip.

i think yall forget that the bands perform at FOOTBALL GAMES. lol. AAMU to TXSU is a 13-14 hour trip, and NOT ONE AAMU fan is gonna be there in Attendance either. lol. you know how odd it looks to have a visiting band there for 2-3 of their fans in the stands? lol. No need for AAMU band to travel if there wont be any fans there.

I know folks want to see AAMU band everywhere. We wish we could be at everywhere each Saturday. However, if you know our Alumni base we are heavy in two states besides Alabama. That's GA and TX. Our fans will be there unlike Txsu when they played us at AAMU. 

I guess we'll see..... I still put my vote on the band traveling to the jsu game. Txsu came up for the LCC. Plus I think aamu would battle jsu better than txsu band wise. But either or as long as aamu see southern  (no hurricane interruption) that's the main game I wanna see outside of miles and MCC

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