Let me first say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DANCIN' DIVAS on a successful 2017 - 2018 Season. However, the winners of the Radiant Dance off contest among the HBCU Dance-lines. 

Let me also, say what an awesome, out-of-sight, captivating, well choreographed performance during the Honda Battle of the Bands in the new Mercedes-benz dome! This is how you shake the table and leave it on the dance floor. 

With all that said the audition went great with over 100 ladies trying out for the preliminary process.

It is now narrowed down to 25. Also check out who the NEW 2018 - 2019 CAPTAIN is on IG @AAMUDivas.  


Congratulations to the 2018 - 2019 Dancin' Divas

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Yes kayla and her co captain to be announced (who I know) are very solid. I think kayla will sneak up on alot of folks. But I will say next year' squad will be loaded with deep young talent. I expect 13 ladies...... 

Their field shows are going to be epic, since they started 2018 with that bomb ass field show for Honda.

They just need to get it together in the stands. They haven't been clean and cohesive stand wise since 2006.  Their spacing needs to be cleaner, and they need to be placed by height because they have really short girls in the midst of really tall girls, and that throws the stands off too. 

Final audition will be in June.

The co-captain was announced yesterday.  The co-captain is Jamya.

Right! I can't wait to see who they select. Who do you think will make the team?

Yeap, she posted a video on ig, I think if she does solid this year she has the opportunity to be a 2 year captain like tamera 

J_AAMU outside of kayla and jamya being the captain combo. I found out that one vet will not be back as she is focusing on academics......  I want to at least see two girls on the squad back: makayla & janecea very solid dancers with captain potential 

I was sad to hear that she wasn't returning.  We might have a crab heavy squad.

Stand wise 2006 wasn't one of the cleanest or most complex years for them.  2010 was a cleaner year in the stands even though I wasn't a big fan of the 2010 squad.

Field is going to be beasting this year.  They have some very creative and technically sound  and strong dancers.  I think the stands will be lit this as well.

 I agree they've been having a variety of height on the squads. It should be interesting.

They looked more mature and cleaner to me in 2006, especially Homecoming vs Stillman. 

I agree I expect alot from the divas on the field. Jamya posted a quick clip on ig and this girl has strong potential, somewhat what I saw in tamera. I think as long as the crabs are good and trained there stands will come along nicely. I think you will see kayla take owner ship of the field and jamya the stands. That's IMO

Who is not coming back?

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