Here a sample of GG dancing style which some people think they copy J settes but this show the big difference between the two! This is the same style GG used past down from GG in the past!


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its the fans that say that others are trying to look like jsu not jsu  now why is that we dont know but its true

Let me just say this i kno the girls put in alot just like any other squad but that not gonna change the outcome of their season! They were alot better this yr but squad wise they didnt touch the jsettes on a partial off yr! The only thing i notice is some of the golden girls are a lil stiff on some counts!!! They dnt never all look alike on counts! If they had looked alike and perfected some of their counts then i would have a different say of how things went at soul bowl but thats not the case
Yu r so right about not having strong cpts to continue what the prev cpt builded up! But as ive seen and said b4 their (GGs) tryouts are too easy


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