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They're going to be cute this year.

ya.. it's gonna be crazy..

Looking forward to seeing them.

This Fall, it's the Golden Girls 50th Anniversary Celebration "Live in Lorman" at Jack Spinks Stadium during Homecoming on October 6. Golden Girls through the years will sprint onto the field for  unforgettable jaw-dropping special performances.  Don't miss out on the excitement.. Time is drawing nigh... #Golden

I might have to make that drive to see my girls.  I'm ready for some old fashion kat pink busting on the 50 yard line.

You betta! Yessss! 

Can someone post a clip of the Golden Girls "stirring that kat?"

Thats just about EVERY SINGLE VIDEO of the GG's on the internet. lol.

Just type in "Alcorn Golden Girls", close your eyes, and click on ANY clip, and I guarantee you will see kat stirring activities.


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