I hear the Ocean of Soul got a light suspension for like a week or two. Do anybody have any official info?

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Prodigy I Recently heard that to.

Jason I have a Inside Source that told me last night that they are clear and the proper acts are going to be dealt with. They will be at the rest of the games except Southern. My source has not confirmed a thanksgiving performance or a Honda BOTB.

I don't understand what that girl meant when she said "it's JUST the band" though.  It sounds like she is implying that hazing is okay with other organizations...like fraternities and sororities...but not the band...it's JUST the band after all.



I am happy that they lifted the suspension off the band and distributed the punishment in proper proportion.

Thanks for the support and concerns. #woooosh.

The Ocean has returned, they just won't be at Southern this weekend....WELCOME BACK!!!




Its not financial. We had the money to go to all of our games this year but administration decided not to have the band go to the SU game because of the events that occurred. It was on the chopping bloch just like the Thanksgiving parade and the Honda.

jason said:

So the report says that the suspension is LIFTED, and the band will be able to perform for the rest of the semester, EXCEPT for a thanksgiving parade and the Honda BOTB> So to me, it sounds like that are ABLE to come to SU homecoming, unless they are just not coming for financial reasons.

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