There is a serious topic we need to discuss about body cuts. In my opinion I think that it's outdated and stupid at this point. I know that y'all want the dancers to look slim and nice and things of that nature but that's basically discrimination. I'm not saying that they should have girls the honey bees size on the team but just because they have rollls doesn't mean they can't dance. Another thing is that body cuts doesn't even give the girls who don't make it a chance to show off their dancing ability because they aren't the ideal image the team wants. Look at MAAB for example it's a couple of thicker girls on there and they beast the fuck out especially the short one who led a couple of times. I just think it's time for a change and that they should eliminate body cuts. Also another thing body cuts aren't even about the body in some cases they cut a girl because she has braces or her teeth are too crooked or her boobs are too big and its time they eliminate that. But what are y'all thoughts

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Lmaooooo WAIT WAIT lol

Rep.Maxine AggieHead Waters said:
I work at a Bank and we do body cuts every other week

I'm not playing with you today!

Rep.Maxine AggieHead Waters said:

I work at a Bank and we do body cuts every other week

I don't think body cuts are outdated. It depends on what you want your dance team to look like. Believe it or not, you have to have a certain look to be a ASU Honey Bee! Let one of the Honey bees lose 75 lbs., and I guarantee she will be cut from the team. So it really depends on the look the university wants for its dance team. I'm pretty sure that the AAMU Divas do not have body cuts, so I think there is a dance team out there for anyone who wants to be on a team.

They got very lax with body cuts in 2014 for whatever reason.  In the day AAMU had body cuts for the majorettes, maroonettes, divas and fab flags.  For whatever reason when they new band director came he said "if they can dance and have the talent let them try out" and as a result you got much thicker ladies.

I don't think body cuts outdated but this may be off topic but dancing with individuals counts is really played out. Too many!! The dance teams should go back too standing while dancing the entire team..better dat way!
And teams wait too long to stand up when the song plays smh..should be standing up on the first note!! Erkkks the hack out of me lol

Let them know how you really feel.  Squad up lol

OK that's it tho


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