Areas of Improvement for all Teams 2017 Thread... NO STANNING ALLOWED!... Constructive comments ONLY!

I thought it would be a great idea to make a thread dedicated to lifting these young ladies and teams to higher levels. I noticed quite a few members have great insight on how the teams they follow can improve. It seems that in the team discussions, opinions breed arguments, so maybe this can be a place where you can freely comment and have a healthy discussion about our different HBCU teams, and not just the more popular ones either. All team observations welcome!

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Cross post in Motions thread

I really like the Motion. Strengths this year:

  1. They had some beautiful uniforms, especially the burgundy plunge leotard
  2. The creativity excites me to see more of them and what they’ll do next
  3. They have a true brand and niche that doesn’t look like a carbon copy of another team.
  4. They had some really creative field show routines
    You can tell with Jermani at the helm, interest in the team jumped up and the numbers show it
  5. The girls are beautiful!
  6. The growth of the team in this short time is crazy!

Things they can work on for next year:

  1. Wish they smiled a bit more. They tend to look blank/lackluster with RBF
  2. Stop watching each other so hard! This could be the part of the reason for #1
  3. Not a fan of the different uniforms or the captain having a different uni
  4. TECHNIQUE! Please make this a priority. I feel that holds them back from the top and takes away from all that good creativity
  5. Slow stands. They are too gorgeous and capable of working every second of these counts instead of just throwing it.
  6. Something about their makeup could be softer, more polished glam. Looks in general. Watched the Southern footage and those different color long stiletto nails were killing me!
  7. Hair. I know we like big hair in Texas (Htown girl) but IMO those long weaves don’t work as well.
  8. Invest in a dedicated videographer and social media team to take the brand to the next level
  9. Remember to dance for your fans and TxSU, too. Every stand doesn’t have to be a battle axe thrown at the other team. It makes you look pressed and bothered. Have more fun and the dancing will speak for itself.

My critique for the dancing dolls is for all of them to take basic ballet technique on and off season and work on execution on technique. i know dance classes are expensive but it will help them and increasing their energy. that all for me. 

...And the Church said, "Amen??" ^^^  Wow!


True! Or at least a good jazz class, which has roots in ballet technique so it’s a 2 for one. Most of the teams across the board need this one. The issue could be finding a class for adults 18+ that is actually good in the areas where the schools are located. It would be awesome if they could bring in teachers, or fundraise trips like dance companies do to NYC. I know Orchesis comes to the top studio in NYC sometimes. But they would still need local options. 

Divas- I would like to see better uniforms and more energy filled field shows throughout the season not just for MCC.

Settes- I am still rooting for them. I want them back at the top. I would LOVE for them to give me J-settes on the field. I feel like they are losing their identity on the field.

Motion-They are coming along just fine. I would like for them to be more cohesive and dance as a team in the stands and not try so hard. They are improving.

Stingettes- This season was very bland for me. I would like for them to be the talk of the season again.

Golden Girls- They are doing them. Keep it up. Does anyone know if Caleda is trying for the captain spot this upcoming season?

Alcorn Golden Girls:

Technique and flexibility. DD4L girls outdo them in their own style in this category 


I see them upping social media presence on IG. Can’t really comment but give a nod to me noticing them this year


They still look like a traditional dance company trying to be a danceline. There are differences, moreso in stands. However, because of that, I expect more from them on the field.

14k - HIGHLY underrated and under marketed! Please hire get a videographer and showcase 

your girls more! 

What I think about the Alabama SWAC teams and the subject of costumes/uniforms is that the Dancin' Divas order most of their pieces primarily from catalogs.  I think the Stingettes have most of theirs made in-house (ie university fashion design department) like the J-Settes.  Correct me if I am wrong.  There are definitely pros and cons for both methods.

I agree especially on the divas and all the squads..... I think the dance crews in the swac go 6 to 7 deep. I think next year you'll see alot of the band programs have a growth in size like 2014 and 2015 years 


Stronger field choreo


more Jazz/Ballet incorporation and perfect technique

Mississippi Valley 

STOP WEARING GREEN.  Literally NOTHING looks good in green.  Wear white.  Love white.  Live white.  Embellish (I said EMBELLISH ) uniforms with silver sequin.  Y'all don't have to be in Christmas colors 24/7 just because the band is in them.  The objective of being an auxiliary is so attention will be drawn to you.  

Good ideas! 

Yes to MVSU not wearing green. It looks very juvenile vast majority of the time, and cheap in dancewear. 

Here are some examples of what I wish all teams looked like:

Tey is one of my favorite dancers! Couldn’t keep my eyes off her, but the whole team looked great! Pointed toes, finishing moves/jumps, dancing from H to T.

9:00- 10:11


Team is together and even the weaker dancers are still strong. It’s just that this team has pure BEASTS on the field. Vanity is amazing!


Mahogany n Motion 

Technique and clean!

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