You know that i know that we know some bands that need to retire some songs for good. Basically those songs that they "surprisingly" use in the 5th Quarter to at least make them feel like they won the battle. Well let us alert some bands on here and tell them find some new s**t  to play

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If we look at it from this point of view every band in America is guilty of heavy recycling of songs
JSU whole song book LOL..they play the same shit every year. Swoop, this way, rub you the right way, hot as ice by B. spears etc.
Cymbal's groove who are you? you M4 i know that much...send me a message...#M4Check

this is jeremy


especially when they play them for the field seriously!?!?!

not every band...there are some that have given up on a few or laid them to rest


Here come the shots at the Boom lmfao.....*shrugs*
Jeremy who???



I have a feeling that everybody will get what they want as far as new songs over the next two weeks because the Boom has arguably their two biggest rivals back to back with The Aristocrats and the Jukebox.  Maybe they didn't want to show too much on Concordia. I will be in Memphis so I guess we will see.

P.S. Is Pine Bluff coming to Jackson in October?

the songs that bands should consider retiring is one like i heard at the clsaaic this weekend ESPN that song is old as dirt. Neck that song has been used for at least 11 years we were playing that back in 2000 two respective songs but how about some new blow songs.

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