You know that i know that we know some bands that need to retire some songs for good. Basically those songs that they "surprisingly" use in the 5th Quarter to at least make them feel like they won the battle. Well let us alert some bands on here and tell them find some new s**t  to play

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Same here.  No matter what songs the Boom plays, its always for the majority of the crowd.  Old School, R&B, Pop, all the way to Gospel.  They just give the crowd what they want lol.  If you don't believe it just go check out any crowd they get in front of.  Now thats what everybody knows.l
yes sir! lol
"JSt don't need to retire anything"

NSU - Dirty Diana

Everything BCU plays in the stand!!!!!!!!!!

I still didn't get my question answered. Is Pine Bluff coming to Jackson on Oct. 8th?
CK I think so
But seeing how the music now thats coming out is piss poor I can see why songs are recycled

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