I'm sure we've all see the multiple videos of the SWAC Championship BOTB from this past weekend. and it got me to wondering ....

What if every conference did that? For sake of the argument, I'll use SIAC ....

Being that the "championship" just became an official game like 2 two years ago (And being held is such a hotbed like ATL), why not turn it into a big weekend (similar to that of the Bayou)

Friday - Recruitment fair/step show/alumni events
Saturday - Parade (with HSs and SIAC Bands) . BOTB before the game (since the game is always a night game) and then that night let the two main teams have the spotlight.

Main problem that would be and issue is the venue.... in a perfect world, Herndon stadium would be the spot, but i hear it's in dire need of repair (or destruction Undecided). 

Overall the event would draw alot of exposure to the conference and with a few successful years can begin to bring much needed respect BACK to the SIAC

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Great idea... I think it should be like an entire weekly event such as All-Star weekend. Parade, BOTB, parties, etc.....

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