Black College Football is Dying, and the Bands Will Play On

The great migration of high achieving black students and premier black athletic talent defecting from HBCUs to predominantly white institutions has cost historically black colleges and universities billions in unrealized sports revenues and alumni giving.

But desegregation's untold ravaging of black communities and their talent pool will remain just that, untold, because our bands play on.

That's not to disparage the accomplished work of HBCU student musicians or their directors. They live out what millions in stands and on fields across America every Saturday have either long forgotten or never came to learn about black colleges. Hundreds of thousands of student musicians and singers bring great acclaim to HBCUs with their talent, and they take pride in breeding excellence at schools made, maintained and molded for their experience as African-Americans.

They take pride in what they do, and being able to do it with their people, in front of their people, and for their people.

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Great read... and so true

This is a very interesting and true article. I would like to see to african american talent come to a hbcu, like it use to be years ago. Now hbcus are undervalued, underestimated, and marginalized by top bcs coaches and players. I would love for black collges bands to be major cash cows for the universites, than just maybe they would get more of the respect they deserve. 

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