Dancing Dolls vs. Prancing J-Settes

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Halftime - Neither squad was impressive!

I want to 1st THANK Coach Tony Hughes for mentioning #that OUR TEAM has SWAG, OUR BAND, AND DOLLS ! Plus, 2nd of ALL stealing from THE Red Roof Inn AND our former coach Chad Germany. 3rdily how IS stunt boy doing on a 0and11 night???? Inquiring mind's wanna know how YOU doing !!! Geaux Jaguar Footballer Nation and DOLLS ! 2017...2018 #SLAYAGE

Looooved the J-settes new uniform. The Boom was better. The jumbo-tron skit was funny as hell. Lol

That song the Dolls danced to, ran away and left them. Take notes from the 1985 Dolls.

It was EPIC !!!! Okay ! That was a MONEY MOVE !!!!!! Right THEIR

Continue counting sheep, you're dreaming. https://smileyshack.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/sbed_countingsheep_100-100.gif

I won't comment on the diss contest,lol, but I actually enjoyed both dance teams' performances. The J-Settes, here, look much more like what I'm used to and the Dolls quite possibly broke a sweat- this routine was jam packed.
Also, the J-Settes' sideline blowdown sequence was a nice throwback. I haven't seen that one since the early 2000s in the stands on Aaliyah's "Try Again" unless I've missed something.
Yeah, sure, both routines could use some cleaning here and there but I appreciate what I saw. Nice job!

PS. I'm not sure that "Damaged" was the most encouraging dedication to breast cancer awareness, but I'll give it an 'A' for effort.

You call for me hunni? I am here and feeling well hun I am glad to know you were thinking of me lol Anyway I had long ago accepted the fact that our football team is not having a good year which is nothing new for no SWAC team we have all had our year. But baby the BOOM deff made up for it with the smack down they delivered tonight!! Baby it started to rain and it seems the more it rained the more Mo and the girls slayed! I was living. The Boom was ready and they came away with the win, but this of course if my opinion as I am sure you and others have their own lol Carry on Mr. Mitchell.

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