Dancing Dolls vs. Prancing J-Settes

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I don't understand where one would think April's halftime features were boring, especially compared to this season .... Like did you see HOMECOMING?

Music can change. Evolution and adapting to "the times" can be open for discussion. But crappy fieldwork is crappy fieldwork. The tempos haven't changed much like they did in 2014. The songs they dance to are all formatted the same way, and they've pretty much had two weeks before performances all season to come up with knockout or just Doll level 1:20second halftime features.

We don't want nostalgia. If I want 80s/90s Dolls, I can look up videos. I do, however, expect them to perform to the level of previous lines before them. Hell if you can't do that how did you make the team? And being glamorous and dazzling and being showstoppers is ALL Doll. That ain't changing. That's their staple. If they don't like that there's always GnB or these other teams. They know what they sign up for when they audition. It's the very things we are discussing, the high intensity fieldshows, costumes, publicity, etc. That lead them to the band hall on Audition Day. So live up to the Dolls you watched pre audition. That's all I'm saying. Who makes the team to then be mediocre?
As usual they did great in stands and boring in field omg Morgan get it together!!!!! But I have took my notes for this game

Niecy here's just something about her I love I can't put my finger on it. She bucks hard asf and it's like a better version of cam with energy.ni also love how she is one of the thicker girls and still is giving the girls a run

The tall girl in Makalas usual spot does nothing for me honestly she can go she is boring she doesn't buck she is just there

The Murrah girls are a force in itself

Kristen bucked a damn fool last night

Niani was the star and hug,igut of last night she laid great homage to jewel with that middle spot

Brandy and kionna reminds me of Morgan and kaiya their crab year

haha and nope won't let you do that either hun, I never said the Settes were 10s across the board either re-read my statements, but carry on sis.


Both field shows were really boring.

Settles have all these great counts but Morgan use the same ones over and over.

Somebody, pls hurry UP and bring VALLEY in, so they can GEAUX 0 and 12, then shut dem UP and SIT DOWN AGAIN !!!!!!!       GEAUX VALLEY  #theyhavewonmoregamesthenyalloklol

I really don't think the J-Settes really consider the Dolls are a serious competitor.

I don't really think the Dolls consider the Jsettes a serious competitor as well. They just take in each other's respective styles from across the field lol

Please. They make sure their aesthetic is up to par every time they're meeting the Dolls. The J-settes and Dolls have reverence for the other.

I'm glad it isn't just me. I said that Morgan wasn't utilizing their count repertoire to its fullest glory. 

It's funny how people say she used the same count it's so many new counts this year and so many counts she digging up what is it that y'all want she is 100 % better than what she was last year if the settes use or did the same count y'all in the same game y'all would have there heads but dolls and stingettes can do singles and repeat counts all night long and y'all say they slayed it's crazy how settes is held to a higher standard then other teams but yet they don't give the settes there crd that's why for me settes will always be on top and it's caption because she has to have way more counts and throw them way more different ways then the other teams her seems settes have way more work than the others but let the other and 4 new counts they slayed this season lol

Agreed.  This girls has created so many new counts as well as new formations.  She has even studied old videos and payed homage to Morgan '13 by throwing her same counts to Hoe Check.  

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