OK, this season is almost over, but it was a standard HBCU Band year for no one in my opinion.

i can not blam most teams on their productions because as a whole, the bands didn’t step up to the plate this year, NOT one especially our BELOVED SWAC. Let’s pray that it’s just a down year and no a transition.

NOW, for the dancers.. There’s some things that seems to be going unnoticed.

  1. 1.SWACDANCERS IG. This page is a blessing and a curse for some. There are literally teams(members) fighting for the attention to be posted on said page. At one point, the owner of the page looked for the vids, now he have fan pages, dancer, and  troupe pages  tagging/ mentioning this particular page to get posted. Is it for exposure or what ?
  2. TV show “Bring It” cast members/ supporting cast and fans are definitely invading the HBCU dance world. Good thing or bad thing? I’m more on the bad side with this one, more so with the fans. U know for sure i don’t wanna see death drops, V layouts, 30 ripples, excessive hair swinging, over the top energy displayed like on the show sneaking into the styles of these teams. No knock yo the schow.  Now the show has given us 7+ dancers this year with some adapting well to their respective team style, but some are just ... I’ll be nice. But I’m glad to see these young ladies continuing on with their dancing at HBCU. 2 at SU, 2 at JSU, 1 at Spellman, 2  AT MVSU, 1 at TXSU, 1 at Grambling.
  3. My complaints that i literally HATE this season. -Alcorn tail entrance for homecoming, please don’t ever try that again. Unladylike.... PV Tail, there’s a thing of somewhat overdoing it. The Heel stretch in the stand is VERY community squad and high schoolish. (Please don’t compare that to the Dolls leg extension)... Essence at Grambling, lord. her motive is to stick out and out dance the whole Duda and it looks bad. She loses form and control trying to go viral on IG. TXSU Motion, Same thing, fighting to get notice by TRYING TO PULL off advance technique when the squad isn’t capable. 

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OH..MY..GAWD...JSMH Just DEADLY reading!!...All ya'll cutting TF up in here and the other threads! LMBO All this damn reading before Thanksgiving?!!! Aggie!! lol

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