Umm is it possible that people can STOP posting THE SAME VIDEO every 6 hours? (My school included) That's why I like when Gerard post a video. It's a clip from the middle of the field and it's of good quality. Since Saturday we've been getting the same vids posted from a poo angle. Is it any way we can fix this?

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lol.. I said the samething.. I have seen some vids from a phone cam.. mf looked like they had a razor phone! lol sup man.. what time the BR party start?
I agree totally. I understand you guys passion of wanting to record but the quality and angles have to be better. I know last weekend was particularly difficult with it raining at alot of the games so I'll give alot of you video guys a pass this week. But seriously if you are gonna record bands routinely this season step your cam game up!  
People don't feel like using the search *lol*
Man we got a PLATOON of ignant negroes pullin out Friday night! I was driving to school this morning and saw this lady with a "southern university" shirt on. I wanted to get out my car, slap that ho3 wig off her head and yell out "JSU!! RespeCK it b!tch!!" lmao
Lmao.. Well you wouldve been out of jail by this time next week.. shouldve went head an smacked her up...Man inbox me ya contact sometime b4 next week.. Im gonna leave Nola that friday nite also...
Here here

The Search Button Is The Devil! I Like Posting My Own Vidz On Here and I Can Post And 2 Hours Later Somebody RE-Post the Same Video Of Mine!!

I think we can all agree on the statement above
I start this Weekend With TxSU vs PV
damn right!!!

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