Umm is it possible that people can STOP posting THE SAME VIDEO every 6 hours? (My school included) That's why I like when Gerard post a video. It's a clip from the middle of the field and it's of good quality. Since Saturday we've been getting the same vids posted from a poo angle. Is it any way we can fix this?

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So nobody like my vids? That was my first time doin it with a real camera.
Glad I invested in an HD cam. my HiU/AAMU came out spotless!! lol
right, but then, you been getting good footage for years.. LOL it's not like u had a cellphone lol
yeah man it's all good

People have been complaining about ALL videos (good cam or not) since people first started uploading them... Duplicate uploads are going to happen etc... It defeats the purpose by placing restrictions on uploads. If its band related, upload it, dont like/viewed it already, dont view it.

For the most part, you straight.

If you gon' record.  First consistant.  If you're there for there for bands.  Don't be there for bands...then, start bleeding off into the game...or, the peeking under the cheerleader skirts. If you know you're going to post "band clips"...get the bands.


Holding convos while recording.  A big no-no.  Cut that it short, yo.  Make whoever's talk'n respect the cam.  Folks gonna talk bad if you bringing band clips, and all we got was directions to the nearest Waffle House.  Now, it's going to happen, anyway.  But, if you try and re-inforce it as a camera policy, it'll cut back on alot of the chatter.


And, lastly...get everything, sound wise.  THOMAS PETTUS...that's what you did right on that "Let your Mind Be Free" clip.  You kept recording.  Nothing worse than a song that's chopped to hell, "just because" the camera wasn't facing the band.  Keep that shat rolling.

Agreed and also I start recording Saturday and i can't do anything but stand in front of SU so i hope nobody complains over and over again about standing in front SU. There is on Neutral spot at SU unless you stand on the field which we can't

Yeah I absolutly HATE when a clip cuts off before the band do. Even though the police told me to move he didnt say stop recording. Even if he did I woulda jut the cam beside me and let it roll. Its on a portable tripod anyway. Expect the same for the most part for the TnSU JSU game. I havent decided on whose fieldshow Imma get from the front. Thinkin bout doin TnSU 1st half of the show up to the dance routine, cut off, get to the other side quick as possible and get JSU whole show. Any suggestions?


right man.. right..
Camera Man got  Swac Rules Now? LOL

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