Cedar Grove 2002 Vs. Morris Brown 1998 (I Wanna Be Your Man Battle)



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Cedar Grove definitely did a better job on the arrangement I have to give it to them. Morris Brown's arrangement just didn't do it for me at all.  
lol thats funny because there the same arrangement lol...
TAPEMASTER I was just about to say the same thing. Its the SAME arrangement...LOL!!!!
Differences is in the percussion parts, and the more mature sound. MBC got it to me. Not by a long shot though.
The Grove.....
THE grove more SWAC  than MBC. CHeck out that don't stop til you get enough. the grove sounds better than MBC. proud cghs alum.

LOL...you mean the Grove had a more mature sound...lol. First of all MBC aint got no mellophones.....


I agree John put up that "Don't Stop", "Keep Watching", "Who Do I Turn To" cause the Grove gonna give ya grown and mature aight...

never had any good mello phone players and their b tone sound is thin. the b tone section leader s an cedar grove alum as well. the only they have is them sexy brown sugar.bthe best section in the band


lol..... listen at 1:18 for when MBC trumpets come in they were suppose to sing across the band but.............  listen to the grove at 1:40.... Point is the Grove is more solid and stronger on the tune.
Grove had more nuts....... nuff said
Tapemaster you dont like mbc huh...i mean as a whole

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