Someone told me that if you receive a band scholarship from another school and you show it to the college band director, of the school you are going to be apart of, will either try to match your scholarship reward or offer you more money is that true? or will the band director just tell you thats good for you but your part of this band?

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Thats new to me. I haven't heard anything about collegiate band directors matching scholarship offers let alone award you more then what were probably going to give you in the beginning just because of another offer.
Schools work with a budget...and they have a set amount which they award to students. Its college not Walmart.
or bestbuy either! lol
I seriously doubt a band director would match another school offer but it wouldn't surprise me if they did. If anything the band director would look at you funny for the simple fact you come talking to him about what another school is offering you.
Whoever told you that lied lol. As was stated earlier, the band gets a set amount allotted strictly for scholarships. You get what you earn through your audition.
Who told you that? rotfl
depends how bad you are wanted I suppose.. I know PV does that a lot.. "show me how much the Ocean is giving you and I'll do it or better" I've heard that statement before out of their mouth..
Most of the time when they do that, 65% of the time, the director lies to them...Trust me I heard all kinds of stories...Especially from the SWAC Schools...Lying to these kids about scholarships that they never see...SMDH...I should Blast them!!! I'll save it for later! #SHAME
And TxSU tries to do it as well.. They were doing it back in GHASB.. To alot of kids who were going to PV... And we average a lil over 120-130 crabs each year.. Half of which AREN'T from Houston, and 80-95% had no intention on going to TxSU.. So get out of here with all that crap..
where at all did I say nobody else doesn't do it? CLEARLY folks flatter themselves. I just know I've heard a lot more people at/considering PV say something like "oh they're giving me more now that I've been here all band camp" and "they said I'll get more as long as I don't go to school x"...
that's a LIE...if you don't attend the school or a member of the Marching Storm...either just shut up...or get your facts straight.....folks up here acting like TSU doesn't do that...all Townview former band members know they do that specially when they used to do that band camp...smh


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