I was going over Clips from last year and this year!!! and i must say Last Year BR  was on the Rise and smashing everything,, But what in the world happend this year!! Only thing they got going good for themselves is BAKER holding the whole city Up and SLV doing a lil Something,, But Damn look like New Orleans Got this Year OFF TOP!! from Walker to McMain to St. Aug they have been holding this whole Fall Season Down Off Top!! In 337  those Clips from in the Stands of SMU was Official! There Smashing too,, they sound a whole Lot Better from Last Year!! Hmmmmmm!!! Whats going on BR yall the Proclaimed Beast of the South!! Where yall at cause it look like yall neighbors from 337 and 504 taking that shit Back!!

Baker 2012:


Baker 2011:


SLV 2012:


SLV 2011:


SMU 2012:


SMU 2011:


Walker 2012:


Walker 2011:


St. Aug 2012:


St. Aug 2011:


McMain 2012:


McMain 2011:


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Honestly.it aint that big of a difference


Out of all the clips available online you find those to use for comparison???

you must obviously have slept on istrouma, they have improved i must say they have improved

if you are going to do comparison vids

atleast find the same songs each band played....

not a fair argument


according to your vids, it seems that the 504 bands, except aug

has gotten weaker

The New Orleans area has how many showbands?  

St Aug,Walker,Karr,Easton,Carver,West Jeff,McMain,Sophie Wright,Cohen,35,John Mac,Clark,St.Mary,Xavier Prep,Landry,Reed,McCoy,Behrman......

And the Baton Rouge Area,

Baker,Istrouma,Southern Lab,Glen Oaks,Mckinley,Tara, Scotlandville, Belaire...And thats it

And i dont count schools like Lutcher,Donaldsonville,East Feliciana,Plaquemine because they not really close to Baton Rouge,Plaquemine might be the closest and its about 20+ miles away

So tell me this..with way more bands in the New Orleans Area shouldnt the ratio be for yall those bands to be constantly better. Mcmain,Walker and St.Aug cant save the city..lets talk about these other bands.

^^^ good point lets talk about these other bands...
Behrman is a middle school---well actually elementary being prek-8 band is (4th-8th)...

I will say that you missed Higgins, Helen cox, the roots of music, among others

In my honest opinion I think that the New Orleans Bands are doing great it has been 7+ years and each school that you have named is steadily improving...

remember the first PreK bands were leftovers and hybrids of many programs and that Baton Rouge Area benefitted from the influx of bandsmen from New Orleans...

what's happening now is the first crop of middle schoolers are entering college most sophomore and freshman years...
high schools have cemented their feeder systems and your are seeing that especially in Walker, Karr, Easton, and Aug...
as far as I can see there hasn't been any N.O. Band that has taken a L to a B.R. band OUTSIDE of the field.
but I will say this
outside of Walker, Karr, Behrman -(all algiers charter schools), McMain and St. Aug, now Cohen

none of the other Bands travel or get exposed as much so there will be little opportunities for comparison...

lets address another issue that people don't really know or want to talk about.

Walker's band is 120+, Karr's Band is 70-80+, Behrman is 80+ and you have 270+ band members in a 4 mile radius.

Cohen is 40+, Sophie B is 70+, Mcmain is 80+ all in a 4 mile radius,

easton , 35, clark, and john Mc are all within 5 miles,

st mary is a private school

st aug is a private school

xavier prep is a private school

if the lines were drawn and our system worked like Br's you'd have superbands in New Orleans.

To me, Baton Rouge has the advantage over New Orleans when you are looking at the overall packages and not just stands.

i have to disagree. I give you field shows and but not the entire package...

I guess it depends on what your definition of the entire package is.

Debating with New Orleans folks is like arguing with a black woman

Maybe. but music is arbitrary the concept of best is arbitrary and hence discussions occur...

what's Baton Rouge Best? put them against New Orleans best whoever that is and I can assure that new orleans will give you more of what you want...

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