Congrats to Grambling State University Band's own Chocolate Thunder.

Grambling State University World Famed Tiger Marching Band Drumline, Chocolate Thunder,  they will be performing with Shakira at the NBA
All-Star Game Halftime on next Sunday, February 14th 2010!!!!! Congrats C Phi T.

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congrats GSU...i will be there
Thats good stuff GSU. Keep it up. Shakira is fine too.
Congrats Grambling, don't drop those sticks looking at Sharika's backside. LOL
Be sure to watch Grambling State University Marching Band's percussion section "Chocolate Thunder" performing with Shakira tonight during the NBA ALL STAR GAME at halftime.
That entrance was sooooooooo random lol

Glad yall gettin the pub tho......
Glad we performed halftime instead of pregame and wore the throwback uniforms. lol
Good Job Grambliing, just got back from partying after the game, Dallas knows they love some Grambling, you would think Grambling's campus was in Dallas, i witnessed so many Grambling shirts. I wouldn't be shocked if you all get invited for the Superbowl next year in Dallas. You all held and down.
Actually they were the best part of that performance. I'm not a Shakira fan so I was not familiar with her music and it was rather boring until the drummers came out! Good Job GSU!

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