2016 - 2017 season has gone and passed.

It's approaching the summertime and I am very sure we have reviewed some of this past season. With that said let's talk about EVERYTHING and any type of critique on our SWAC Bands this could be anything Band, Arrangements, Auxiliaries, stands, halftime performances anything you can think of (Open Dialog).

Hopefully those who are viewing can give constructive criticism for those with the power that be can take notes on what others are saying.

AAMU Marching Maroon and White "Show Band of the South"

ASU Mighty Marching Hornets

Alcorn "Sound of Dynomite"

JSU "Sonic Boom of the South"

SU "Human Jukebox"



Grambling State "World Fame"

PVAMU "Marching Storm"

TXSU "Ocean of Soul"

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I've added UAPB drummajors to the J5, Alcorn, BCU DM match up.  Hopefully will get to see stands and field footage of UAPB vs Alcorn this year.  Should be a good DM match-up.

Sidenote 1:  Montoya did a great job when she led during the 2016 UAPB vs. AAMU game and also at Auburn (which I posted in the dancer forum).  

Sidenote 2:  These SU drummajors are looking younger and younger every year- Keith Morgan might as well be a granddaddy.  Lawdt...  lol

UAPB does not play Alcorn this year.

Hey, what happened to AAMU's "One Dance" and the "Fantasy" (Alina Baraz" song from Fan Day last year?  It's like they went "Poof!" and dissapeared all of a sudden. lol. "One Dance" was a good stands tune and the "Fantasy" song was really pretty.

I think they played both during a couple of games. It's on youtube. I didn't care for "One Dance" but "Fantasy" was really nice. 

crimsonseeker said:

Hey, what happened to AAMU's "One Dance" and the "Fantasy" (Alina Baraz" song from Fan Day last year?  It's like they went "Poof!" and dissapeared all of a sudden. lol. "One Dance" was a good stands tune and the "Fantasy" song was really pretty.

Yea fantasy by aamu was really nice, I wanted to hear that more.
Alcorn is just fine... GGs doing what they known to do for years... Don't like it simple don't watch.

Mary Johnson said:

 Sorry you hate "Get Ready" that is for our our our our fans, alumni, etc.  and  our School TRADITION so Don't Listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sonic Boom! GET READY!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that hears "Get Ready"  know it's JSU it's our fight song,etc. The fans wait to hear "Get Ready" if you are not part of our school history or knowledgeable of it then you wouldn't understand why we love the song. High Schools and Middle Schools in various state play Get Ready and identify with the Sonic Boom!  So no need to change  "Get Ready" just change your channel we Love it and go crazy, young and old when we hear it. I play it during off season to get ready for football season, this song is even performed at wedding receptions, etc. to identify with the "Sonic Boom" we understand so leave our history alone! Get Ready 2018 Sonic Boom!!!

3rdWardTiger said:

Texas Southern:

My favorite band.  I want to see more diversity in the song selection (more classics) and a smoother/balanced sound again.  And the creativity at the Honda BOTB needs to be displayed throughout the whole season too.  The Motion of the Ocean is finaly on the right track again with a great captain and new director.

Jackson State:

I hate their "Get Ready" intro song and it's time to finally do something better.  But JSU will always be a solid band.  The Prancing Jsettes have subpar and bland uniforms and as a top tier HBCU dance squad they deserve better.


Perennial power of course.  More consistency in the creativity of field shows would be great ... some years are better than others.  Also I hate the drama with the Dancing Dolls with the cuts and Dani coming back as captain ... not fair.


I would like more power from Grambling but that's not going to happen.  Grambling is more of a finesse type band.  Orchesis is pretty good.


I want to see better arrangements and balance.  Also I want them to not remind me so much of Jackson State ... damn!  The GGs are aite, just they can come off too stripperish which I'm sure some men love but yeah it's just too much for me at times.

Bama State:

I really like their band.  The Stingettes are off the chain.  I think the ban can work on their musicality a bit more to balance out their power.


AAMU is a very technical band and I wish they balanced it with more power.  Also I wish they had better song selections.  Not a fan of the Dancin' Divas and feel like they need to revamp their whole program


PVAMU is on the up. I'm not a fan yet but they do have some songs I really enjoy to hear the play.  The Black Foxes have improved a lot.  They need to add more songs to thei catalog ... I feel like they play the same songs way too much.


Didn't pay attention to them at all this past season.  Hopefully they catch my interest this fall.


Also didn't catch my interest at all.  Maybe this year they will make some noise and get people talking.


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