Dancing Dolls - Danielle Stamper's Squads: 2016 vs 2017

Danielle Stamper, in my eyes, was the best captain that has ever come through Southern. She changed the game with more than 50 new counts in 2 years (of course, with the help of her awesome teams), dynamic fieldshows ("Beautiful People" and "The Other Side" for starters), new struts, etc. She also had great teams that worked well with her.

Each year, she brought a different style, not to mention the different feels she brought each game. To me, 2016 was very dynamic, energetic, and technical, in which she brought similar styles to DT and Seaera. 2017 was like a mixture of styles, in which the team was "milky," sensual, bougie, hood, energetic, fun, creative, etc.

To you, what year did you enjoy the best and why? 2016? 2017?

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LOL, I stopped reading after the first sentence.

agreed, and she was not lol....

LOL yes! 

That's rude. 

you will live.... 

Im not really sure how long you've been following the dolls but, Dani had nothing to do with Beautiful Monster. It wasn't even close to being as great as the previous years who've done it. She was stellar though. I'd have to go with 16' being my favorite year field wise and 17' being stand-wise. Just my little old opinion.

I said "Beautiful People."

I like 2010's "Beautiful Monster."

I guess y'all are KP stans.

No one's a KP Stan. Danielle stood on the shoulders of the many captains that came before her, so saying she's the best captain to ever come through southern is kind of disrespectful to the legacies of those previous captains. Danielle would not be the doll we saw had it not been for those ladies laying down the ground work for her to do the things she did. And no shade but it takes more than bringing a lot of hit and miss new material to be considered "the best". 

but do you know there was Gracy Perkins and other great Doll captains that laid the ground work for Traci Prince and Davique Dumars, yet they are largely considered "the best to ever do it". 

So based on your own logic, you are correct in a way. But there was always " somebody before somebody", if that makes sense. so what makes a captain the BEST to a person depends on what exactly they like. I dont think its disrespectful to ANYONE, because the POINT is to strive to be better than the ones that can before you. if thats not your goal in life with anything that you do, they why do it?

I understand where you're coming from. It's just early to be throwing around "the best" title when we haven't seen if her contributions will stand the test of time. The doll' s style can shift greatly from one year to the next depending on the captain, the change from Seaera to April is a prime example of that. The next captain could very well scrap everything Danielle brought to the organization, that wouldn't be a smart thing to do of course, but it's possible. So that's why I say it's disrespectful because we don't know if the new things she introduced will last like the contributions of previous captain's. 


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