Dancing Dolls - Danielle Stamper's Squads: 2016 vs 2017

Danielle Stamper, in my eyes, was the best captain that has ever come through Southern. She changed the game with more than 50 new counts in 2 years (of course, with the help of her awesome teams), dynamic fieldshows ("Beautiful People" and "The Other Side" for starters), new struts, etc. She also had great teams that worked well with her.

Each year, she brought a different style, not to mention the different feels she brought each game. To me, 2016 was very dynamic, energetic, and technical, in which she brought similar styles to DT and Seaera. 2017 was like a mixture of styles, in which the team was "milky," sensual, bougie, hood, energetic, fun, creative, etc.

To you, what year did you enjoy the best and why? 2016? 2017?

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Omg I'm smiling from ear to ear !!!!!   Jordan this was AMAZING!  She looks amazing up front.  Taneria, Jada, Jordan, and Gabby have that fluid strut on lock.   Gabby ...... FLAWLESS.  Hair is amazing, those facials (even though I'm sure it's because it was cold as hell lol).  I'm here for this!  The new strut sequences are all amazing, and will look great coming down the street for parade season. Y'all gave me cutesy, sassy, but classic Doll.  I'm here for this!  I just need the back lines to stop flopping and get to Rollin them hips.  Lol 

Gabby is gonna be the one to watch this season. Mark my words!  *Goes back to watch for the 5th time with this goofy ass Kool aid smile* 

You’re right! I have said it before, Gabby may very well be our 2019 captain. Dannie loves her and DT does as well. The Dolls are looking for leaders who bring uniqueness to that front spot. She has that. Gone are the days of familiarity. I can’t wait to see Jordan lead more. This was definitely a refreshing experience 

Me either !  I loved Tailyn and Mel's hair tonight.  Tailyn looks great without the extensions and sewins.  But hell it was 40 degrees so that's perfect natural hair weather. Lol.  

Nothing wrong with weaves (before y'all start) but natural hair just moves better IMO. And looks so much lighter.  Gabby looked FLAWLESS and her hair was on another level tonight.   Jordan and Jada came on 100 tonight also.  Tonight was perfect.   I just can't wait to see this squads field work later this year.  Way to start off 2018, ladies!! 

They are definitely building on 2017! The foundation has been set for the new era!

The wild thoughts video from tonight!!! I live for Jordan. They looked so good! The drug lord video with the new counts m... I have no words

She gave me so much of Danielle Stamper the whole night. I saw Seaera and Davique too. 

You’re dead on with that one!  She gave a lil bit a KP too with those fluid/ classic lines.  

Yes. I saw KP too!

She danced like Danielle never left. If chosen captain, she will find her own style.

I told y’all!!! Jordan is the business!!! Make em eat dem words air Jordan !!!


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