So this week is the "boombox" classic.  What are you all's thoughts on this matchup?  The dolls are starting to grow on me.  I'm really feeling them in the stands.  The j-settes...idk. I think with the 5 or 6 girls they currently have, they look good but I'm really hoping to get some of the other girls back.  And if they do come with the sinister 6, I just hope they have a dope a$$ routine with a bomb a$$ uniform. 

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Yeah...I was really surprised with Orchesis last year at the Battle. They were on it and they have been consistent this season. I think the dark uniforms and the lighting from last year took away from the Dolls battle but yeah...I understand what you are saying. 

Dont Mind Me said:

I hate to say it, but I think itll be a replay of last year for me. Lyric and Jalen looked SEASONED compared to Gabby at the BOTB. lol They came prepared and I'm sure Lyric is just as prepared this year.

Precious said:

Also Dolls did well in the stands. Yes, the field routines displayed technique and was executed well but it was still missing that “wow” factor for me. I also agree with the too much makeup on them and yes the wigs too....smh. But, the makeup is a big one for me. It does look caked on and both Jordyn and Taneria almost always have on too much. But, Bayou is coming up so let’s see what’s in store! I’m thinking Taneria might lead them out of the Battle of the Bands because she has not participated in a field routine or lead a march-in/out. I’m also hoping for my “wow” factor field routine for the Bayou Classic and a nice stand routine for the Battle. “Fingers crossed” 

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