I have saw MANY comments be deleted in threads here(Dance Forum). I have even witness people being deleted or banned from the site after giving criticism to certain squads. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM AT THAT! MODERATORS, we CANNOT be that soft hearted about this! It isn't right to only delete comments of those whom have a different opinion than you or don't like what your Favorite squad did the "week of". If they're cursing, bashing and being VERY DISRESPECTFUL then, yes! THIS HAS TO STOP! It's BEYOND JUVINILE and PETTY! I'm not trying to come off rude but it's went on for entirely TOO LONG! we can all give out OIPINIONS.

NO SWUAD IS 100% Perfect so, there will be some critisism......
Let's all try to agree to disagree and move on sometimes! I do it! Trust me, it's SOOOOO EASY lol, and you feel better!

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Lol They'll be back Slowly.

, I wish we had that automated, specifically to allow mods no know what's going on.

Lol.. lmao...
I can definitely appreciate you listening to our concerns and responding quickly.

Sad, this site is all about a bunch of wannabees, who are all about "hype" and nothing more.

Thanks book these is all I needed.. New threads coming soon

Preach Joe!!!

Those wannabees are nothing but copy cats. Has anyone noticed how they walk around hand and hand now, when they used to walk around in a single file? I'm not calling any names but they know who they are? They copied the hand and hand from the J-Settes.

Dancing bear, CAN YOU say PANTENE ???

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