When you record the 5th quarter make sure you record in the middle of the field and not directly in front of SU or JSU. We all know how SU stands is set up so lets be smart with how we record!

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lol at this topic
Ill be down there filming and truthfully to cover it how we really want it we need two cameras, one in front of BOTH bands..yeah u can position yourself in the middle of them but the distance makes it look crazy on the video.  BUT I HEAR U THO

or just wait for a certain website's footage who always records with more than 1 camera, footage is in High Def and uses more than $5,000 worth of equipment....


just saying...

that time of year again...
with jeremy conner's comment being said can this be closed all in favor say I...
It is so early in the season that there isn't as much build up to it like in past years.
This game is too early to me!!! I think the 1st wknd of Oct. would've been nice! Both bands would be good and situated in their Books, plus some new tunes! Neither one better sleep on each other though!!!
You can't get on the field at SU so you have to pick your poison. Like the others said you will need Two cameras which i don't have so i'll be right in front of SU again. JSU needs to move in front of SU for the 5th
lol yes indeed
Correction....this game is too early for Jax35's kuntry arses.

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