tell me if yall think the song POWER will still b a popular song for a marching band to play for the 2011 football season

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just because yall dont have a band director right now ,, dont think the school admin, alumni, nor band boosters are going to let yall go to showstyle, even with a new BD that will never happen at the "O". Neville showstyle lasted 5 years (1996 to 2001). its my 10th year class reunion and they will still not let me create a show style performance for Home coming this year . my suggestion to you is do your research on the limits of what the school will let you play or do then start looking for songs. please find songs that can mix with yall sound. Power is a power band song.
^^^^WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS DUDE TALKING ABOUT? Anyway more than likely yes.
Lmao. i was wondering the same thang. pm dude wit personal biz. lol

I think there r otha songs out that will crease just as hard or harder but Power has too much classicness to it. Will b like Gangsta B n Hay. Just fits our craft to perfectly. I expect it to b around fo a long time b4 this one fades away.

Same. I think power will be like cold hearted and big ballin and gangsta b and etc

probably not for the 2011 got wore out quick. but most likely will be one them songs to suddenly battle with.
......God I hope not...
co-cosign...Please God...NO!
unlikely man, artists put out new shit every year. It may be popular four years from now
co-sign as well lol!
hopefully no

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