Does Anybody Have Any Videos From This Year's Battle of the Booms?

I like to stay up to date with my favorite college band, so if anyone has any videos from the battle please post them! -Thanks!

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I heard they didn't put any new songs out there yesterday (GREAT MOVE). The clips they have posted are directly n front of the drum section so you really don't get to see the entire band, but I heard it was EXTREMELY TIGHT in that band room yesterday!!!! The SWAC better GET READY! LOVE THE BOOM!!!

The People's parking lot was tight.  After the bands marched out, took almost 15-20 minutes just to get bystanders out the way.


And naw, no new songs made it out.  Just a bunch of oldies but goodies.

...but from what I've heard about those new songs..first victim......Tnsu. lol.
Well, I got the "ok" from Doc on a few other things, but only time will tell with my projects.
Alright, TNSU might have some surprises for ya'll too.
Hyping them up more than the Concord 11s!! lol...Not trying to start trash talking, but because yall are "big in numbers" does that supposed to make everybody else worried? #NoPunIntended, just asking...
...September 17. I saw yall vid bruh...I was thinking, "aww they sound so CUTE!" lmao

i expected you to say that, good answer bro! So whats the reason yall recording in front of the drummers?? Please dont say "so ppl wont see our numbers." lol....Time will tell though, can run but you can't hide!


Da "U"

Maybe...bcuz....thats where the cameraman was??  LOL at the conspiracy.  It seems the only people that are worried about numbers are you guys.  Would you believe we started all that sh*t about numbers just to see who would take the bait first? did take a while though, I must say! lol
Like the Boom would have over 70 trumpets *lol*.  Didn't they realize that 70+ trumpets is about 2 company fronts.  Wouldn't that strike anybody as "odd"?
I am still saying that TNSU might have some surprises for ya'll too.

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