Does Anybody Have Any Videos From This Year's Battle of the Booms?

I like to stay up to date with my favorite college band, so if anyone has any videos from the battle please post them! -Thanks!

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Just know when you have been defeated ......again... new year, new ish talkin
lol..and that will STILL be more entertaining and get more hits than a UAPB fieldshow. (you know Ima fire one back) LMAO
New year...same ol' ass kick'n by the Jukebox.
Still saying the same BS, Pat!  SMH.....LOL
You wish!!!! Just another hater!!!!

one word "POWER" lol!!!!!!!!

Right! LOL
What you mean?? We have tshirts printed for the game... Lol all in good fun.. Just hope the ratchet azz br niggs don't take it the wrong way.. Lol

Hope those tubas dont bust there sh*t this year on that run on thing that yall need to retire.


(I really hope they do though) lol

We have more than just numbers that's why u should be worried!!!!! LOL  Go Boom!!!!!!1

Even if they do the Boom is so good, it still will be better than your so call best show!!!!!! Go Boom! GET READY TNSU! Oh by the that run on is called something that you all don't have or understand it's called TRADITION/HISTORY! I'll give you a very simply analogy that' s  like trying to do away with the "I HAVE DREAM" speech!!! Go BOOM!!!!

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