does anyone know of a college that has a good band as well they offer audio egineering as a major?


               ironically i cant find anything on google about band colleges that offer audio engineering as a major.

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uapb...but its called sound recoerding technology there
Texas State University in San Marcos, TX

Technologies which have emerged in the last twenty years have become an essential part of the music industry today. They affect the composition, performance, recording, dissemination, and preservation of music. The Sound Recording Technology (SRT) emphasis at UAPB is designed to prepare students to enter a variety of fields within contemporary music.

These may include but are not limited to: studio musician, recording studio sound engineer, touring and live sound reinforcement, MIDI composing, film and jingles scoring and audio sweetening for post-production in film and television, sound effects (foley) work, audio forensics, and general audio mixing and mastering.

It should be noted that this degree emphasis requires not only a strong music component, but also contains a large technology and computer component. The technology component that prepares the musician to use, not create, existing and emerging technologies as tools for making music. Through the Industrial Technology Department, the student studies basic and intermediate electronics in both theory and application. Through the Mass Communication Department, the student studies basic radio and television procedures, practices and technology. Through the Music Department, the student studies sound recording practices and procedures including both live and existing sound as well as MIDI generated and sequenced signals. Students study both tape based (analog) and hard disk (digital) based recording techniques and synchronization schemes that are utilized in audio for video work, film scoring and Foley (film and sound effects) work, compact disc mastering techniques, as well as how to maintain devices used in these types of work. To enhance the learning experience, all technology related topics and courses make extensive use of laboratories with appropriate equipment. For information contact Dr. Richard Bailey.
univ of Miaim
Univ of Louisiana - Lafayette... Lots of people from India and other parts of Asia are educated there. And the band is okay, they handed Southern their first upset last year.
More like they upset SU's band and their own fans with such a sub-par performance.

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