SO yall just know gona talk about it....LMAO

I been done said something was up with Nathan, but we're gonna go with the story blow for right now.. lol

Director of Bands, Nathan B. Haymer, has resigned.

Sources close to the situation say last night during the annual band banquet, Haymer stated that he was given the option to either resign or be fired.

Yesterday, the director was locked out of his office.

Sources close to the situation say members of the Human Jukebox plan to protest at the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning scheduled for 9 am on the 2nd floor of the J.S. Clark Administration Building.

Details will be provided as they are made available...

IMMA let yall, defend this before I go all the way in... I'LL be back in 24hours..  KISSES!!!

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Members of Southern University's famed Human Jukebox crowded into the Southern Board of Supervisors meeting Friday, pleading the case for their band director to keep his job.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year in Baton Rouge accused band director Nathan Haymer of requesting a kickback in order for the band to appear at an event for public school children.

Janene Tate, a spokeswoman for Southern, said the university is still reviewing that litigation and that Haymer remains the director.

But students were still concerned that his departure was imminent, urging the school to keep him. "He’ll do anything and everything to make sure he has everything we need. So please reconsider and keep our band director," said Makayla Lundy, a senior.

Micheal Bingham, also a senior, said Haymer "serves as a leader, he serves as a father figure to me."

In response, President-Chancellor Ray Belton praised the students for their passion, but said he couldn't discuss any details about Haymer's employment.

"This band literally defines Southern University. I can’t say how proud I am of the courage you’ve showing this morning in coming before this board," Belton said.

Julian Jackson, class of ‘77 and a former band member, said he canceled all his appointments and drove up from New Orleans to be at Friday’s meeting. He said he was about to donate money to the university but stopped when he learned Haymer might be leaving.

“If Haymer won’t be here, I won’t be around Southern University,” said Jackson.

Jonathan Dearbone, class of ‘93, and also a former band member, said Haymer spoke at a band banquet Thursday night held at the Student Union at Southern, saying to the effect that he was being given the choice of resigning or being fired.

Dearbone said he was soon overwhelmed with messages from concerned band supporters to the point that he put his phone in another room. Dearbone said the number of people who showed up Friday is just a glimpse of what would come if Southern tries to get rid of Haymer.

Dearbone asked the board of supervisors for understanding, whatever Haymer did.

“Everybody in this room is human,” he said. “We all have our triumphs, we all have our frailties.”

The lawsuit against Haymer and Southern was filed earlier this year, with the owner of a Baton Rouge media company alleging he reneged on band appearances after she refused to fulfill a kickback request and brought it to the attention of Southern officials.

He didn't resign

He should resign! Haymer has lost the very little credibility he had left.

He shouldn’t do anything! He hasn’t lost any credibility so what do you mean? Only people from Louisiana knows how WBRZ works! Even if Haymer was to resign the juke and dolls would still continue to do them, some of y’all think “ ohhhh if Haymer leave that’s the end of Southern” lmaoooo y’all def don’t know how the jukes work huh? Lmaooo that would be even worse for your favorite band in the fall. Y’all don’t want and upset juke believe that! Btw some of your favorite bands are praying he resigns, and come to them believe me lol! 

Either way SU forever good. Hope Haymer keep the position  though.

Haymer personally helped select the Dolls uniforms, I know they will miss him.

He’s not goin anywhere lmaoooo. 

Especially when BITTER j stank comes to town !!!! LOL, SMH AND twerking !

Just wow!

HEY, I FEEL SANCTIFIED, YEAH, I FEEL SANCTIFIED , GET FIRED UP JAGUARS, GET FIRED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately not.  Apparently he won't be back. 

Lawrence Jackson is back 


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