SO yall just know gona talk about it....LMAO

I been done said something was up with Nathan, but we're gonna go with the story blow for right now.. lol

Director of Bands, Nathan B. Haymer, has resigned.

Sources close to the situation say last night during the annual band banquet, Haymer stated that he was given the option to either resign or be fired.

Yesterday, the director was locked out of his office.

Sources close to the situation say members of the Human Jukebox plan to protest at the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning scheduled for 9 am on the 2nd floor of the J.S. Clark Administration Building.

Details will be provided as they are made available...

IMMA let yall, defend this before I go all the way in... I'LL be back in 24hours..  KISSES!!!

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Let it Keisha Cole FT. Missy Elliott!!!

I love all of the support Haymer is getting and as much as I'd like to see him back in, I think the counsel is sticking to their original decision. I admire the fight and I don't believe it'll hurt for him to try again.

Jordan is in charge of the girls! She looked amazing!!


Well, In other news, can we start a thread to get back to the old posting style of the forum, where new messages and the "quoted message" that were replying to pops up in chronological order?  lol. 

im good & got dern tired of having to go back to page 2 for the most recent replies... hahaha. alot of peoples messages get missed that way cause you literally have to search the entire thread for any recent messages. Lets get a petition going.. lol. 

say "I".   hahaha


Omg I thought I was the only one! It drives me nuts lol.

The BOS really had no choice,  because this got all the way to the State of LA  Board of ethics, so I think the BOS hands were tied.

But I agree, I hate to see him ago, but if the rumors are true about how all this came about,  I hate it for Haymer 

wrong is wrong


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