OK, I promise I’m not trying to be shady, but I just watched GnB’s first two games and I’m confused as to why dancer would quit the Dolls to become a GNB? I like the idea of the team, like the coach, ladies are gorgeous and talented, but there’s something missing. The dances seem slow and lackluster. Plus, but all they claim to not want to be compared to the Dolls, I traces of the Dolls in them. 

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The GnB don't have the intensity of the Human Jukebox behind them, so they dance to radio mixes. Now as to why a dancer would want to leave Doll for GnB? I can't answer that, but the amount of visible attention on everything you do and say isn't there with GnB like it is with Doll. Your Fall Semester is literally all work with the band, so you miss out on the fun of being a college student, but the trade off is basically being worshipped by everybody.  It boils down to level of commitment and "stardom".  IMO

Thanks for the insight! That does make sense. I guess it was just confusing because of the obvious intent to be a Doll and then reneging. Plus from what I’ve seen it’s always the other way around, that some girls go to sharpen their skills (although they’re told it’s not the place) and try out for Dolls again. A comment was made on YT that when the band shows up the energy will pick up. I personally don’t think it should matter (that girl Kennedi eats BTW for example) but hopefully it will! 

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