Okay you guys! What do you all want to see at the Rose Parade???

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Pls use the BOOK from SEASONS 11 & 12 ATLANTA CLASSIC PARADE, ALL THE celebrities enjoyed those performances!

I wouldn't mind seeing this uniform for the parade! Doubt they have it lol 

THEY should wear FLUR DE LEIS 1.0 and represent 4 that BOOT PERIOD POINT BLANK

I want to see more of Jada and Kaylon and what they could potentially bring.

Speaking of, I'm taking a look back at the season. Here's part 1:

I hope they have a beautiful new uniform!!!

STANDS, IM so READY for this PARADE, WHILE counting the days, the hrs, the minutes and even THE seconds! ILOVETHEPARADESEASON!

Update: i was wrong lol. According to Kaylons Instagram story, Micah will be participating but I didn’t see Gabby. Good luck dolls! 

Anatasia1100 said:

They graduated so they can’t participate. Dannie graduated Fall ‘17 and was not able to lead parade season in Spring 2018 because was an alum. Hence why Jordan was able to lead basically all of Spring 2018. (Not saying that Dannie wanted to lead, just giving an example because she was ineligible). 

As far as who should lead, I honestly do not care..... 

Jackson said:

Has it been confirmed that Gabby and Micah will not be participating? If they’re not, I’d be completely ok with Jordan leading. She has the parade experience, choreographs great sequences, and a natural born leader. I can’t see them passing her up and letting ‘17 lead when she’s literally right there. Let the girl go out in a positive light.

Yeah, I saw Micah, Kaylon, Jada, Linsey.

I kind of figured a trick was coming OUT the HAT from SOMEWHERE, IT AIN'T OVER TILL IT'S OVER! SOS DIFFERENT DAY

Yea I think it’s only Micah, Cam, Arielle, Jada, Kaylon, and Lindsey. Those are the only dolls I’m seeing. Of course Jordan, and Gabby didn’t go. 

D’Tara is there as well. 

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